An Investment Firm
Built For Founders.

The Ideal Capital Partner To Scale Your Business While Preserving Your Legacy.

Atlasview Equity specializes in acquiring software and tech-enabled businesses.

We combine patient capital with proven operational strategies to deliver predictable results for our stakeholders.

Our Vision

The name “Atlasview” was inspired by the Atlas Mountain range in Northern Africa. We invest in software & tech-enabled businesses where success is akin to climbing mountains - achievable with proper planning, strategy, coordination and execution. By choosing mountaineering over moonshots, Atlasview takes a disciplined approach to deliver consistent results as we ascend towards each summit with our partners.

Atlasview Portfolio Companies Performance


Average Improvement in EBITDA

*As of August 2022, FX adjusted & normalized

Average Customer Net Dollar Retention


Average Increase in Enterprise Value

*As of August 2022, includes unrealized value

Partnership Timeline

Complete Acquisition

• Seamless transition
• Communicate with employees/customers

Phase 1
Implement Playbook

• Align team incentives with value creation KPIs
• Optimize pricing, finances, marketing and cost structure

Phase 2
Execute M&A

• Map out and contact potential targets
• Keep pipeline consistently full
• Complete 2-3 deals and integrate well

Phase 3
Complete Exit

• Engage with several potential buyers
• Large liquidity event for team members

Phase 4

Why Partner With Us?

We were entrepreneurs and business operators before we were investors, and understand what matters the most:

Value-Creation Playbook. The Atlasview Operating Playbook has been perfected via dozens of iterations. Fully equipped with best practices, KPIs and actionable systems which have a track record in significantly improving EBITDA and enterprise value.

Legacy Preservation. Atlasview prides itself on being great stewards of each seller’s legacy. This means taking great care of your customers and your employees. We want to give your team the tools and training to help them excel and realize their full potential.

Tech Expertise. As specialists in software and tech-enabled businesses, your team gets to work alongside a firm that has deep experience scaling successful businesses just like yours..

Flexible Capital. Our flexible fund mandate means we can tailor a deal structure that best suits your business and your goals.

Speed & Transparency. We're committed to simple processes to ensure fast decisions and a smooth transition for you and your team.

Expansive Network. Have our wide network of advisors, consultants, M&A, and strategy professionals work alongside your team to propel your business.

What We Look For

We look for the following characteristics in our partner companies:

• Minimum $1m EBITDA or $5m ARR
• Headquartered in Canada or US
• Sticky B2B customer base

Even if your company doesn't meet this criteria, reach out anyways. We have a large network of buyers and will find a good fit for you.

We'd Love To Discuss Your Goals