Patient Capital. Proven Strategies. Predictable Results.

Atlasview Equity is a private equity firm specializing in software and tech-enabled businesses.

Atlasview Equity is a private equity firm specializing in software and tech-enabled businesses. Our concentrated portfolio strategy focuses on continuous improvement through collaboration with driven management. We combine patient capital with proven operational strategies to deliver predictable results for our stakeholders.

Our Vision

The name “Atlasview” was inspired by the Atlas Mountain range in Northern Africa. We invest in tech and tech-enabled businesses where success is akin to climbing mountains - achievable with proper planning, strategy, coordination and execution. By choosing mountaineering over moonshots, Atlasview takes a disciplined approach to deliver consistent results as we ascend towards each summit with our partners.

Why Partner With Us?

We were entrepreneurs and business operators before we were investors, and understand what matters the most:

Focus. Our concentrated portfolio approach means you have our full attention and support in guiding your business.

Expertise. As specialists in software and tech-enabled businesses, you get to work with a firm that has deep experience scaling successful businesses just like yours.

Flexibility. Our flexible fund structure means we can tailor a deal structure that best suits your business and your goals.

Speed. We're committed to fast decisions and simple processes to ensure you stay focused on your business.

Long-term. Our fund structure allows us to hold long-term in order to allow your business to reach its full potential and maximize value for all stakeholders.

Network. Benefits from our wide network of advisors, consultants, M&A, and strategy professionals that we partner with to propel your business.

What We Look For

We look for the following characteristics in our partner companies:

• $1m to $5m in EBITDA
• Sticky B2B customer base
• Experienced management team

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